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Can't We All Just Get Along? Easy enough statement to say but a very hard one to actually do. When so many people from so many different life styles and backgrounds and personal life experiences come together there is bound to be differences with likes and dislikes and morals and beliefs.

This is where Compromise and Toleration needs to come into play along with Freedom of Choice and Personal Preference. The Ugliness and Competition and Blocking and Name Calling and Jealousy in the rooms of late has truly sickened me. We are here for the MUSIC folks. Music is suppose to be soothing for the soul. Lets Keep it that way.

When I personally log on to Pal each night, I want to log on to enjoy the music these talented musicians are here to share with us. If I choose to go into one room over another then so be it, that is my preference and I am not doing it to hurt one person over another. That is where I want to be at that given moment. If I am adminning a room I will not invite people from another room unless they ask me first for an invite. To me the rooms are not about competition or a number game. Quality over Quantity always works better for me personally.

My grandma always told me, always treat others the way you wish to be treated. To me that is the golden rule. I am not going to like everyone on here and everyone on here is not going to like me but Pal Talk is big enough for all of us to come together and enjoy the music.

Keep the personal feelings you may have against someone out of the rooms and let the rooms be enjoyed by all. If you dont like the particular way a room is ran then go to another room or by all means open your own. It's that easy.

Take Care All and have a Great Day!

Bubba Blues Song

I thought long and hard before I decided to add this song to the web site. I have not added this song to stir trouble of any kind but so each and every one of you can judge for yourself if it was out of line or character.

The private room was created that night, by myself, due to personal reasons of my own that I do not wish to share with everyone. I will state though that the room was not created to offend anyone and people were not invited away from other rooms. If they came to us first then we invited them or they were invited when they first logged on.

The private room was created for that night and was not going to be an ongoing occurrence and yet we were accused of being so bad and doing so wrong by taking people away. How many of you out there can honestly say they have never been or have never made a locked or private room? It all goes back to personal preference and personal choice.

Just prior to the making of the private room, my partner in crime that night, 1Russian, had been in one of the public rooms for over two hours singing and playing and the following night his own room was opened with a great turnout with wonderful music and singing shared by all.

The song Bubba Blues wrote in regards to that night speaks the truth to exactly what happened and no one should be offended. It is your choice once again whether you wish to hear it or not. If you wish to do so, click on the picture link above and if not then go back to the home page.