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The music is what matters most...

However, it is the rooms that make the experience what it is for the musicians and visitors. A big heartfelt THANK YOU needs to go out to Nebraska Jim for creating and opening the first live and unplugged room.

Whoever would have thought that when he opened up Nebraska Jim's Live and Unplugged Room what a success it would be. From there many other rooms have been established including, Dawg's Porch, Neil's Barn Jam, Larry & Jills, Tug's Tavern.

Each room has its own unique style however, all welcome the many varities of artists and musicians and listeners to the room. Birthday Bashes and Music Jams when musicians get together with one another are not an uncommon site.

Much thanks to all the creators and administraters of the rooms. Being an admin in a few of the rooms myself, I will state that it can be hard work at times. Welcoming newcomers to the room, keeping the singing list up to date, and announcing the next musician can be tasking at times, but usually an enjoyable job.

On any given night you will be able to find at least one of the rooms opened if not more than one and usually near the top of the list. The rooms do not compete with one another but are just there for all to enjoy!

List of Rooms

Brett's Acoustic Lounge - creator, Brett

Colt 44 and Bccowboy's Live Acoustic Guitar!- creators, Colt44 & Bccowboysinger

DarlinDar/Tazgirl90's Live Den no karokee/rap/cd - creators, Darlin Dar & TAZGIRL90

Dawg's Porch - creator, DaBigDawg

Hootch's Room For You - creator, Hootch

Lil'Angels Guitar Hardtails - creator, Way2Angel

Live at Palace Gardens - creators, Moon7Godess & Moonprincess_2

Live at the House of Bubba Blues - creator, Bubba Blues

Mac's Acoustic Guitar Players Bar And Grill - creator, Mac

Nebraska Jim's Live & Unplugged - creator, Nebraska Jim

Neil's Barn Jam - creator, Mr. Neil Young

Pique's Live Cafe!
- creator, Pegcepie

1 Russian & 1 Brain's House of Live Music - creators, 1Russian & Brains_and_Some Beauty

Six by Six Live Guitar's - creator, Six by Six

Stringer's_3 Music and Chat - creator, Stringer_3

Tattoos Live Music Parlor - creator, Tattoo61

Tug's Tavern - creator, TugBilly

TazouAngel's Live Jam/Guitar/Music - creator, TazouAngel

~~Wind's Solarium>II>~for LIVE Music ~~ Group- creator, Wind and Air