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1st Annual Pal Stock Jam

August 4th & 5th


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1st Annual Pal Stock Jam
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Kick off your Shoes, Take off your Hats, and Lets Party!


When: August 4th & 5th

Where: Portland, Indiana

Hosted by Cindi our very own Moon7Godess

What to Bring: Musical Instruments, Singing Voices, Lots of Beverages, and most of all a Smile and Great Party Attitude! (Cameras optional.....hee hee hee, could make for some great Blackmail pics)


Below are some informational links that may be helpful to you if you plan on attending. The resource I used was Yahoo. Directions to Moon's house will be sent to you once you email her and confirm that you will be attending. Her email link is also posted below. :-)

There is more information in regards to the Picnic on the Message Boards under the Picnic Link!


DaBigDawg has made it available for us to be able to order an assortment of shirts if we are interested in them to purchase for the 1st Annual Pal Stock Jam. The Information is listed below. The Above Logo will be the logo on the shirt. If you are interested in purchasing any of the items listed below, contact DaBigDawg at the email link below.

Shirt Information if you would like to order a Pal Stock Shirt:

Golf Shirt
Colors: Black, Pine, Navy, Red, Winter White, Wine, Royal, Bimini, Chino, Tangerine, Butter, Sports Grey, White
Sizes & Prices: S - XL 37.00 2XL 40.00 3XL 43.00
*4XL (White only) 46.00

Long sleeved Denim shirt
Colors: Lt. Blue Denim
Sizes & Prices S - XL 40.00 2XL 45.00 3XL 50.00

Tee Shirt
Colors: *Red, Heliconia, *Orange, Daisy, Gold, Lime, *Forest Green, *Purple, Jade, Sapphire, *Royal, *Navy, *White, *Ash, *Sports grey, Charcoal, *Black, Yellow Haze, Cedar, *Maroon, Eggplant, *Natural, Tan, Chestnut, Prairie Dust, Sand, Olive, Serene Green, Pine, Oceana, Stone Blue, Steel, Indigo Blue, blue Dusk, Leaf
Sizes & Prices: S - XL 19.00 2XL 21.00 *3XL 24.00

Tank Top
Colors: Black, Royal, Heather Grey, Navy, Red, White & Ash
Sizes & Prices: S - XL 20.00 XXL 22.00

If You would like to hear Laydbak's PalSong then click here